Innovating in banks is hard…

BIC-Hex1a…It’s even harder doing it alone.

FinTech entrepreneurs have incubators, accelerators, meetups and hackathons…

..but banks are on their own.

Until Now.


The Bank Innovators Council

Our Bank Innovators Workshops and Lab Days are not lectures, or conferences, or demonstrations– we roll up our sleeves and work through ideation, design thinking, and creative problem solving techniques, together– in a safe, confidential and curated environment. You will return to your organization with a new ideas, new contacts, and new support to help you get things done.  Watch a video from one of our recent Lab Days:

Companies are searching for better ways to identify and exploit novel solutions. Increasingly, they are discovering that many of the very best ideas lie outside their organizations, in an ecosystem of potential innovators who possess wide-ranging skills and knowledge.

Alan MacCormack, Fiona Murray and  Erika Wagner, Spurring Innovation Through Competitions, MIT Sloan Management Review


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“Companies can no longer keep their own innovations secret unto themselves; … the key to success is creating, in effect, an open platform around your innovations so your customers, your employees and even your competitors can build upon it, because only by that building will you create an ongoing, evolving community of users, doers and creators.” 

Randall Rothenberg, editor, strategy+business  

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We help banks do together what they can’t do alone.


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“To succeed, it is no longer enough to manage your innovation. Now you must mange your innovation ecosystem.”

- Ron Adner, author,   The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation

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Outsource, Crowdsource and Collaborate:

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Not a banker? That’s OK, as long as you support and goals and mission of the Bank Innovators Council. We also carefully curate select partners to sponsor and collaborate with us on content and events.

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