Bank Innovators Lab Day before Finovate Spring

Stay Tuned for Details on our 2015 Event.

Below is the recap for our 2014 Silicon Valley Lab Day.

Join us in London on February 9. 2015 for our next Bank Innovators Lab Day.

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On April 28, 2014 our Bank Innovators Lab Day came to Silicon Valley, immediately before Finovate Spring.

What's on your calendar before Finovate Spring?

Here’s what it looked like:

What Participants Said:

“We already knew that innovating in banks was hard, but this workshop helped us brainstorm ways to identify needs, understand barriers and succeed in bringing innovation to financial institutions.”


“Great discussion, very interactive & diverse ppl around the table. Thx @bankinnovators! It’s like being back in college! #bankinnovators


“Starting a #FinTech innovation relevance workshop #BankInnovators Day! @Yodlee @BankInnovators


“Banking has the Apple problem: it must create a model around both a product and service. The extra complexity is geometric @BankInnovators


“Congrats @BankInnovators @JPNicols I look forward to hearing highlights today #Finovate


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