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Bank Innovators Road Show

Bank Innovators Council 2014 Road Show

We are excited to announce our upcoming 22-city North American Road Show this fall and winter, including a stop in New York on September 22 for our Bank Innovators Lab Day, right before FinovateFall.

Helping Banks Thrive in Today’s New World

We know from our research and our experience that bankers are overwhelmed by all of the challenges they face, and by the extraordinary number of new ideas coming into the marketplace every day. They need a safe, curated environment to explore these ideas and evaluate which ones will have the most impact on their objectives and those of their customers.

That’s what our Lab Days have been all about, and now we’re bringing this conversation directly to bankers in their city, in their local context, in a series of intimate, hands-on workshops all over the country– and we’re making our Canadian debut too, in Toronto as a part of our Road Show.

The workshops will be facilitated by Jay van Zyl, PhD, CEO of  Innovation Cafe, and BIC co-founder JP Nicols.

The workshops are entitled “Thriving in an Era of Digital Disruption”, and the objective is to give banking leaders insights into the latest and greatest ideas in banking. Participants will discuss the important trends and best practices most relevant to their local markets, informed by our global experience and research.

BIC Roadshow content

Half-Day Workshops Facilitated by Industry Leaders

Jay van Zyl has a PhD in Innovation and is an adjunct faculty member at the Gordon Institute of Business Science at Pretoria University, with a specific focus on innovation in financial services. Jay is also an internationally accomplished entrepreneur, having commercialized several international companies. His work has helped banks win multiple international innovation awards, and his experience working in multiple countries gives him a broad global perspective. He is also the author of Built to Thrive: Making Your Mark in a Connected World.

JP Nicols is a former senior bank executive who co-founded the Bank Innovators Council in 2013 to promote, support and facilitate innovation within and amongst its member banks. Internationally recognized as a leading voice for innovation, strategy and leadership, JP is a popular writer, speaker and facilitator; and his work has been featured in some of the industry’s leading publications. He has practical experience launching and running businesses from within the bank environment and as an advisor to FinTech companies.

Road Show Supporters

An ambitious endeavor such as this could not be done without the generous support of our partners, starting with the Innovation Cafe, which powers the BIC’s social innovation and collaboration community. With a strong focus on social based innovation and trends in the financial services world and numerous partners around the world, the Innovation Cafe has been involved with a number of academic establishments, financial services institutions and research projects, focusing primarily on innovation in the financial services world.

Also partnering with the BIC to support the Road Show are ARCA and Yodlee.  Yodlee has been supporting us since we launched last September and their contribution to our mission – from understanding how banks engage customers to providing access to new technologies – has been invaluable. Now adding ARCA, a true leader in changing the way bank branches are viewed and used, is an incredible resource as we embark on our journey.

The Road Show will kick off on September 3rd in Birmingham, AL and conclude in San Diego in mid-December. Capacity at these intimate workshops is limited to the first 25 participants, and are limited to employees of banks, credit unions and similar financial institutions. FinTech entrepreneurs and other service providers (and of course bankers!) are welcome to join us in New York for our Bank Innovators Lab Day on September 22.

All workshop locations and dates, as well as registration information can be found at bankinnovatorscouncil.org/RoadShow.

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