BIC Expands Global Reach with New Partnerships

By January 2, 2014News

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The Bank Innovators Council is proud to kick off 2014 with some exciting new partnerships that  will help us support, promote, and facilitate innovation for our members worldwide.

First, we are excited to help launch NextBank USA. Following successful events in Sydney, Hong Kong, Italy, Bogota, Madrid, Beijing and Singapore, NextBank is finally coming to North America in 2014, and we are thrilled to be a founding partner. We believe that BIC members will find the content of NextBank unique and invaluable, and our partnership will provide another major event for our members to gather and work together to help them innovate inside their respective companies.

Secondly, we are also excited to formalize our ongoing partnership with BankersHub, the leading source of insights, opinions, information on best practices, and economic trends through their online web education and virtual events. BankersHub is also providing our “innovators interview zone” at various live events to help you hear exactly what is on the minds of bank innovators.

Finally, our new new BIC Innovation Café, powered by Innovation Agency, will support 24/7 ideation and communication by providing online tools that allow members to form public and private groups to share, rank, and discuss ideas. 

All of these tools will help ensure that our members can accomplish great things every day, throughout the year. “The Bank Innovators Council was the ideal group to embrace our solution,” commented Christoph Wertz, President and CEO of Innovation Agency for the Americas. “BIC is leading the way in assisting banks to generate and start implementing innovative ideas, which is exactly what our tool is designed to accomplish.”

BIC and Partners

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