The Next Wave Of FinTech Competition: Ron Shevlin, Pascal Bouvier, Bradley Leimer, and Dan Kimerling

By March 10, 2016Events, Next Bank
Ron Shevlin NextBank Silicon Valley

Ron Shevlin is the Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors, and was ranked as one of the top five influential voices in banking by The Financial Brand at the end of 2015. His Snarketing blog, which ranks on about a dozen lists as a top-25 blog in financial services and marketing, is a must-read.

We’re delighted to have him lead a panel at Next Bank Silicon Valley on May 12. He’ll be joined by:

  • Pascal Bouvier, a former general partner at Route 66 Ventures now working as a venture partner at the Santander fintech fund
  • Bradley Leimer, the head of Fintech strategy at Santander Innovation and the author of the Discerning Technologist blog (also the author of “The Great Rebundling of Financial Services” from American Banker in October 2015)
  • Dan Kimerling, currently the Research and Development head of Silicon Valley Bank — but previously the co-founder and CEO of Standard Treasury (and before that, he was involved in YCombinator and TechCrunch)

This esteemed panel is going to discuss the transition from ‘faux disruption’ — whereby small startups attacked specific elements of the financial services ecosystem while all claiming to be disruptive — to ‘platformication,’ where integration and platform-building ideally drives the next wave of financial services solutions. It’s a completely different value play for fintech leadership and investors alike, so understanding how the change could evolve is crucial.

This foursome has tremendous experience, weekly provide highly-respected thought leadership, and have made R&D and venture decisions around billions of dollars. This is a crucial panel to attend in order to conceptualize the evolutions in landscape in our industry.

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