Who Are Your Top Influencers in Financial Services?

By March 18, 2014News

Top Influencers in Financial Services

We were proud to see our Co-Founder JP Nicols listed among the “Top 250 financial Services online influencers that you need to know“. The list, compiled by Jay Palter’s Social Advisory, listed JP in the top 10% of the list at #21. He was also listed in the “Top 5 Listeners in Financial Services” at #4.

Not surprisingly,  other BIC members and contributors also fared well on the list, including Brett King as the #5 Insider in Financial Services , Brad Leimer at #7,  Jim Marous at #10, Dave Gerbino at #23, and many other friends on the list. Brad Leimer and Jim Marous also showed up as top Listeners in Financial Services, at #2 and #5  respectively.

Our mission is to support, promote and facilitate innovation amongst and within our member banks, and these top influencers in financial services are definitely some of the people we follow, connect with, and collaborate with to help us do that.

Who are Your Top Influencers in Financial Services?

Who are your top influencers in Financial Services? Who else would you like to hear from on our blog or at a future event? Who is making a difference in changing banking for the better?

Let us know!